1) How to choose a product ?
It is enough to select your product and click: „into the basket”

2) How to pay for the product?
After you choose „into the basket”, in order to pay you enter: „go to the cash desk” Here we enter our personal data and remarks. We mark the way of payment , accept the roles and then we finish the ordering stage clicking: “I am buying and paying”.

3) How to receive a discount token ?
You can get a discount code by liking and sharing our fanpage.

4) What if you have a discount token?
If you have a discount token, enter it when placing an order and then confirm: ”apply the token”

5) How to register ?
When registering enter: „log in/ register”. The next step in the bookmark: „register” is enter your e-mail with which you want to establish your account.

6) Is it necessary to register on amgames.eu to buy the product?
A person who has not registered on our website can also place an order without necessary registration.

7) How to give up the order if you haven’t made a payment ?
You can give up your order in a simple way- just by leaving it unpaid.

8) How do we know that my order has been accepted ?
You will learn about it by checking your inbox.

9) Is the purchase on Amgames.eu free of charge?
Yes, it is free of charge, because everything is done electronically.

10) What distribution do the games come from ?
The keys come from authorized distributors on the premises of EU and USA.

11) Do we repay the product costs?
Unfortunately, we do not accept returned products and we do not repay the costs, as it works on „you buy-you receive the key”. If something is wrong with the key, you can submit a complaint form, available on Amgames.eu.

12) Do we issue purchase invoices ?
No, we do not.