I . General information

Data of the company accomplishing the order:







* Address for correspondence:







II . Orders

*Products placed on the website: must be ordered by adding particular goods to the basket.

*Placing an order by a customer on constitutes choosing a purchase offer according to the regulations of civil code.

*The keys are original and come from a legal, proven source. The licenses are supplied directly from the distributors from Europe

*A person making a purchase must have a bank account or a credit card.

*The customers who failed to give full data when placing an order will be automatically annulled by the shop staff.

*Orders are accomplished for 365 years/24h a day.

* If the code is not collected by the buyer within 48h, we email them again for collection of their product. That concerns only the orders that have been paid.

* The company responsible for collecting and accounting the payments is the company; 60-327 Poznań, ul. Kanclerska 15 . In case of any delays, the customer should attach a scan of transfer confirmation and send it to the address of the company .

*The shop is not liable for the time of payment accounting.

* The prices of all the goods offered in the shop are given in Polish zlotys (PLN), dollars (USD) and euro (EUR).

The shop reserves the right to withdraw particular products from sale.

* Orders are automatically accomplished through the managing system, when it records a payment. The keys are sent electronically to the given buyer’s address . The shop does not collect any charges for shipping the goods.

* The customer is entitled to return the purchased product within 14 days, however, that concerns only the orders not paid for by the customer.

* If it is impossible to accomplish the order, or to change the prices, the Customer Service will immediately contact the buyer to notify them about that fact.

* The code must be activated within 3 months from receiving the accomplished order, otherwise it will become invalid.


Claims and returns

* All claims are considered within 48 hours from sending them, it is necessary to send the order number , the message received and key to the game or program through the form on
The shop’s Customer Service Office is entitled to ask for access data to the digital distribution platform account or for remote access through Teamviewer in case of complicated problems or inability to verify them without access to the buyer’s computer.

* Problems on the level of the buyer’s device, preventing them from using the game, as well as mistakes connected with changes in the games (such as adding or deleting options) do not constitute the basis for a claim and return. They are independent of us and all the related problems must be reported to the producer of the game or support of the platform on which the game was activated. The descriptions of products sold , equipment requirements, available languages etc., supplied by manufacturers or publishers , are available in descriptions of particular games or softwares on the internet shop website and we are not responsible for their compatibility with the actual state of the game.

*The shop is not liable for the hours of bank outcoming and incoming sessions, emergencies, their technical breaks, individual settings on the internet account or other delays, not caused by our system.

*Keys, which were activated, blocked and/or annulled cannot be returned.

*On the basis of art. 38 pt. 9 and 13 of the law 27 of the 30th day of May 2014 on consumer rights (Dz. U. 2014 item 827), the consumer is not entitled to renounce the contract concluded remotely, with reference to contracts:

– where the objects of service are sound or visual recordings, or computer software supplied in a sealed package, if the package was opened after it has been supplied;
– supplying digital contents not recorded on a material carrier, if rendering the service commenced on distinct consent of the consumer before the term for contract renouncement expires and after the entrepreneur has informed them about the loss of right to renounce the contract – therefore, renouncement of the contract is impossible in. a. after the User has collected the activation code.

– The User, by ordering an activation code expresses their consent to render the service (sending the code by the Shop) before the term of contract renouncement.


*The Customer, buying any key within the shop, voluntarily expresses their consent to receive the shop newsletter, containing information about changes, new products, discounts, etc, as well as the invitation to like the fanpage of the shop to their e-mail address. To sign out of the newsletter, it is enough to click the link in a newsletter message.

*We ask the users with accounts on such servers as : Onet, Interia, WP, Gmail i o2 to check Spam or Offers folders. If there is no message with the key after the payment has been registered, please contact us before you give us a negative opinion.

* For all the products from our shop there is a warranty for the period of 3 months (except the situations when the warranty period given in the description is different).

*Information published on the website are equally binding, as the byelaws.

*All the personal data given by the Customer are confidential and will not be made available or sold to other companies or private persons in any way whatsoever.

*The address data of the company are under the Byelaws. Our company is registered in the United Kingdom . We do not issue VAT invoices , we issue invoices, which can be put down into costs up to the amount of EUR 150 from third countries in the European Union. In case of doubts, please contact us in this matter.

*The customer making a purchase in the shop expresses their consent to transmit their e-mail address to sp. z o.o. located in Poznań and to their personal data being processed by the shop and sp. z o.o., in order to fill in the questionnaire with the opinion about the transaction performed in the Shop, according to the regulations of the law on personal data protection of the 29th day of August 1997.

*Privacy policy placed on is an integral part of these Byelaws.



*The payments are dealt with by the Internet customer service przelewy24, the Poznań group DialCom24, which has been on the market since 2003 (60-327 Poznań, ul. Kanclerska 15), which is unquestionable leader of the European market among companies dealing with financial service (financial broking) within financial transfers sent between the buyer and the seller online. Several years of practice on a very demanding market, stable situation, vast experience, applying the most modern technical solutions and strict observance of the safety principles as well as a vast gamut of the offered services are translated into dozens of thousands of companies cooperating with the service, who have chosen przelewy24 as their payment service.

More than 143 payment channels are available, in. a.: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Bank Zachodni WBK, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, Orange Finanse, Getin Bank, BLIK, E-transfer and others.


*Pre-order means that after the order is placed, the code will be reserved for the buyer. They will receive their key not later than on the day of premier (during the day of the premier).

*In case of pre-premier orders (Pre-orders) the expected date of availability (premier) of the Product or Digital contents is given. is not liable for changing the term of availability of the product in advance sales, which results from the delay in introducing it into the market.

*You can resign from the pre-order purchased product, however, not later than 3 days before the premier. The will to resign must be notified about through a contact form (bookmark: OTHER) on the site:

The law on personal data protection ( RODO )can be found on Privacy policy site

The owner of the shop is the company: